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  leaders, members:

  hello, everybody ~! (bows)

  my name is ***, from hunan **, i am cheerful, honest, easy to get along with others; likes playing basketball, climbing and running.

  i am very pleased and honored to join the "**" to the family, where not only provided me with a growth e*ercise, showing a good platform for self, but also for giving me the chance to meet more new colleagues, new friends. - to take this, i am very grateful to all the leaders, thank you all so give me a good opportunity. (bow)

  i first arrived, there are many aspects of the knowledge i need to learn, but also hope in future we can work great weekend!

  i believe that through our mutual understanding and mutual understanding, we will not only become a career go hand in hand with the struggle of his comrades, life will be like-minded, woe friend.

  finally, i would like and we can work together for our common cause and work hard!

  thanks everyone! (bow)


























  ①i what is your major﹖

  a my major is business administration. i am especially interested in″marketing″.


  ②i which university are you attending﹖

  a i am attending×××university.

  ③i have you received any degrees﹖

  a yes. first i received my bachelor degree in english literature and then an mba degree.

  ④i what course did you like best﹖

  a project management. i was very interested in this course when i was a student. and i think it's very useful for my present work.

  ⑤i do you feel that you have received a good general training﹖

  a yes i have studied in an english train-ing program and a computer training program since i graduated from university. i am currently studying finance at a training school. 介绍工作经验:显露实力,避免炫耀

  ①i have you ever been employed﹖

  ②i your resume says you have had one-year e*perience working in a foreign representative office in shanghai may i ask why you left﹖

  a i worked in a foreign rep.office for one year.however i left there two years ago because the work they gave me was rather dull.i found another job that is more interesting.

  ③i have you done any work in this field﹖

  ④i what qualifications do you have that make you feel you will be successful in your field﹖

  ⑤i what have you learned from the jobs you have had﹖

  a i have learned a lot about business know how and basic office skills. in addition i learned at my previous job show to cooperate with my colleagues.

  ⑥i what's you major weak point﹖

  a i haven't been involved in international business so i don't have any e*perience but i have studied this course in the international business training center of the×××company.

  ⑦i what are your greatest strengths﹖(实话实说好了,不必客气,但应注意语气和表情,不要给人炫耀之感。)

  ⑧i please tell me about your working e*perience.

  ⑨i does your present employer know you are looking for another job﹖

  a no i haven't discussed my career plans with my present employer but i am sure he will understand. 性格爱好:表现积极、合作的一面

  ①i how do you spend your spare time﹖

  ②i are you interested in sports﹖

  ③i do you think you are introverted or extroverted﹖

  ④i what kind of personality do you think you have﹖

  a i always approach things very enthusiastically. when i beg in something i don't like to leave it halfdone. i can't concentrate on something new until the first thing is finished.

  ⑤i what is the most important thing for you to be happy﹖

  a different people have different ideas. i think the most important thing for me is having a good relationship with my family members and my friends. my family has always been very closeknit and my friend sand i spend a lot of time together. without that i would be much less happy than i am.

  ⑥i what makes you angry﹖

  a dishonesty. it's unacceptable.

  ⑦i what are your personal weaknesses﹖

  a i'm afraid i'm a poor talker. i'm not comfortable talking with the people whom i have just met for the first time. that is not very good for business so i have been studying public speaking.

  ⑧i are you more of a leader or a follower﹖

  a i don't try to lead people. i'd rather cooperate with everybody and get the job done by working together. 工作要求:我能胜任

  ①i do you think you can make yourself easily understood in english﹖

  a yes in most circumstances.

  ②i are you available for travel﹖

  a yes i like traveling. i am young and unmarried. it's no problem for me to travel frequently.

  ③i how about overtime work﹖

  a overtime work is very common in companies. i can work overtime if it's necessary but i don't think we will work overtime everyday.

  ④i how long do you think we can depend on your working here﹖

  ⑤i do you like regular work﹖

  a no i don't like regular work. i am interested in different projects with new opport unities and new challenge but i can do regular work if the company needs me to do so.

  ⑥i what salary do you e*pect﹖

  a shall we discuss my responsibilities with your company first﹖i think salary is closely relate d to the responsibilities of the job.

  ⑦i do you work well under pressure﹖

  a working under pressure is e*citing and challenging. i don't mind working under pressure. i work well under the secircum stances. people can i can.

  ⑧i do you have any particular conditions that you would like the company to take into consideration﹖

  a no nothing in particular.

  ⑨i how soon can you begin working for us﹖

  a i need about two to three weeks for necessary formalities. i will quit then transfer to your company. 面试结束:礼貌道别

  ①i any questions﹖

  a when will i know your decision﹖

  ②i how can we get in touch with you﹖

  ③i we will notify you of our decision by mail is this convenient for you﹖

  ④i thank you for your interest in our company.

  a thank you mr.smith. goodbye. thank you for your time.

  ⑤i you will be hearing from us very soon. please send the next applicantin on your way out.

  a ok.thank you very much.




  1. i have been for over five years in teh employ of an e*porting company.


  2. i have been in the business for the last ten years, and worked as the superintendent in the personnel department.


  3. i have had five years' e*perience with a company as a salesman.


  4. for the past three years, i have been in the office of the brothers trading co., where i have been ad still am an accountant.


  5. i am twenty years of age, and have been employed for the last two years by the green trees co., in teh general clerical work of the office.


  6. i am 25 years of age, and have had two years' e*perience in my present post, which i am leaving to better myself.


  7. i am nineteen years of age, female and have had two years' e*perience in a company's delivery office.


  8. i am just leaving school, and am eighteen years of age.


  9. i am twenty years of age, and am an*ious to settle down to office work.


  10. since my graduation from the school two years ago, i have been employed in teh green hotel as a cashier.



  1.good morning everyone.


  2.good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.


  3.good evening, teachers and fellow students.


  4.it’s my great honor to introduce mys elf to you here.


  5.it’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you here.


  6.i’m very happy to introduce myself to you here.


  7.i’m very glad to introduce myself to you here.


  8.i feel very honored to introduce myself to you here.


  9.it is a great pleasure for me to introduce myself to you here.


  10.it is a privilege to be speaking to you today.


  11. i am very proud to be addressing you this evening.



  introducing yourself at an interview (应征面谈)

  good monring. it/'s a pleasure for me to be here in front of you to present myself. my name is philip wong, and i am a candidate for the position of overseas sales representative.

  my background and work e*perience are tailor-made for this position. i studied marketing as an undergrad here in taiwan, and in 1985, i received my mba from the university of te*as school of business. for five years now, i have utilized my skills and knowledge as the assistant director of e*ports for magic kitchen supplies.

  action appliances is a forward-looking company. i am aware that you are e*panding into new markets, particularly in the u.s. thus you are going to need aggressive, take-charge sales representatives. at magic kitchen, during my five years there, we e*panded our u.s market share by 25%. this is just one e*ample of my ability to go out there and sell products.

  a position with your company would be both a learning e*perience and a great opportunity. i look forward to becoming part of the action team. thank you.


  早安,很高兴能在这儿跟各位介绍自己;我是philip wong,来此应征海外业务代表。





  mature,dynamic and honest.思想成熟、精明能干、为人诚实。

  e*cellent ability of systematical management.有极强的系统管理能力。

  ability to work independent1y,mature and resourcefu1.能够独立工作、思想成熟、应变能力强。

  a person with ability plus fle*ibility should app1y.需要有能力及适应力强的人。

  a stable personality and high sense of responsibility are desirable.个性稳重、具高度责任感。

  work well with a multi-cultural and diverse work force.能够在不同文化和工作人员的背景下出色地工作。

  bright,aggressive applicants.反应快、有进取心的应聘者。

  ambitious attitude essential.有雄心壮志。

  initiative,independent and good communication skill.积极主动、独立工作能力强,并有良好的交际技能。

  willing to work under pressure with leardership quality.愿意在压力下工作,并具领导素质。

  willing to assume responsibilities .应聘者须勇于挑重担。

  mature,self-motivated and strong interpersonal skills.思想成熟、上进心强,并具极丰富的人际关系技巧。

  energetic,fashion-minded person.精力旺盛、思想新潮。

  with a pleasant mature attitude.开朗成熟。

  strong determination to succeed.有获得成功的坚定决心。

  strong leadership skills.有极强的领导艺术。

  ability to work well with others.能够同他人一道很好地工作。

  highly-motivated and reliable person with e*cellent health and pleasant personality.上进心强又可靠者,并且身体健康、性格开朗。

  the ability to initiate and operate independently.有创业能力,并能独立地从业。

  strong leadership skill while possessing a great team spirit.有很高的领导艺术和很强的集体精神。

  be highly organized and effecient.工作很有条理,办事效率高。

  willing to learn and progress.肯学习进取。

  good presentation skills.有良好的表达能力。

  positive active mind essential.有积极、灵活的头脑。

  ability to deal with personnel at all levels effectively。善于同各种人员打交道。

  have positive work attitude and be willing and able to work diligently without supervision。有积极的工作态度,愿意和能够在没有监督的情况下勤奋地工作。

  young,bright,energetic with strong career-ambition.年轻、聪明、精力充沛,并有很强的事业心。

  good people management and communication skills. team player.有良好的人员管理和交际能力。能在集体中发挥带头作用。

  able to work under high pressure and time limitation.能够在高压力下和时间限制下进行工作。

  be elegant and with nice personality.举止优雅、个人性格好。

  with good managerial skills and organizational capabilities.有良好的管理艺术和组织能力。

  the main qualities required are preparedness to work hard, ability to learn, ambition and good health.主要必备素质是吃苦耐劳精神好、学习能力优、事业心强和身体棒。

  having good and extensive social connections.具有良好而广泛的社会关系。

  being active, creative and innonative is a plus.思想活跃、有首创和革新精神尤佳。

  with good analytical capability.有较强的分析能力